Top 10 Favorite Things About Valentine’s Day

There are many things that people like and dislike about the big V-Day. But, as a lover of Valentine’s Day, here are the top 10 things that I love about today—use these as a source of inspiration for you own Valentine’s Day gift and date ideas!

  1. Candy! There is almost as much holiday themed candy for Valentine’s Day as there is for Halloween. There are great little chewable hearts and monogrammed M&M’s for the occasion (makes a great gift!).
  2. Gifts are prevalent on this holiday. Significant others are expected to get each other gifts. Who doesn’t love a nice present every now and then?
  3. Love is everywhere on this holiday. It’s in the advertisements and flowing through the air. Seeing love everywhere makes me happy.
  4. Cheesiness is off the charts on Valentine’s Day. I always enjoy seeing the puny Valentine’s Day cards people get each other.
  5. There are always great romance or romantic comedy movies that come out during the Valentine’s season. What girl doesn’t love seeing a great looking man swoop a girl off her feet?
  6. Valentine’s Day is a stereotypical holiday where there is a huge influx of engagements and couples taking the next step in their relationships. It’s inspiring to hear loads of stories that come around this time of year. These stories make an often gloomy winter season a little more cheerful.
  7. A lot of guys get their ladies flowers on this particular holiday. Fresh flowers smell fantastic and they look as good as they smell!
  8. This is one of the few times during the year that couples get a chance to get all dolled up for each other. It’s a nice change from the ordinary jeans or sweat pants.
  9. Creativeness is shown everywhere on Valentines’ Day. You never know what somebody will come up with just to make your day and show that they care.
  10. Chocolate! This tasty treat tastes better for some reason during this time of year, but the different shapes gets intense. Some chocolate makers go with the generic hearts, but sometimes they’ll create faces of people and do other neat tricks with it.

Not matter if you love it or hate it, there is something for everyone—particularly if you love chocolate!