10 ways to spend spring break

Don’t know exactly what you are doing for spring break? There are plenty of last minute options around the state as well as some great stuff to do at home!

  1. Go on a mission trip! Spend your time giving back to others in need. It creates great memories and gets you involved over break.
  2. Vacation with your friends. If you can this would be great! Go road tripping together or go on a cruise. Find something to do together to get out of town.
  3. Visit your college friends and have mini spring breaks together! Travel to their homes, spend a couple of days together and then go on to the next friend’s house. This is a good way to spend time with your pals, but also get out of town.
  4. Go to work! It may not be the most exciting thing over break, but this could be a good way to bring in the extra cash before summer begins.
  5. Have television marathons. Get a show series together and start watching from the beginning. It’s fun to see how much a show changes from the beginning to the present.
  6. Get crazy ahead on papers! By doing this you can relax for the majority of the rest of the semester while watching everybody else fret about finishing their big projects.
  7. Hang out with high school friends. If you’re lucky enough some of your high school friends will have the same break as you. Get your pre-summer on and hang out with them.
  8. Catch up on your sleep. After all who isn’t a sleep deprived student these days?
  9. Hit the gym and exercise! Get your beach body ready for summer and start training over break. You won’t be eating buffet daily like at school, so it’ll give you a good chance to lose a couple extra pounds while you’re away.
  10. Go to the pool or beach. If it’s warm enough try to hit the pool or the beach and relax the day away!