Renowned writer Clint McCown read at Writers Reading

People of all ages packed the room: students, professors, librarians, and members of the community. The individuals in the audience differed; however, they all had one thing in common: they were captivated by the story.

Central College hosted writer and poet Clint McCown on Thursday, April 12 in the Reading Room at Geisler Library for Writers Reading. McCown read from a book of poems as well as a chapter from his novel War Memorials. Library Director Natalie Hutchinson described McCown’s visit and reading as “well-received” for many reasons.

Hutchinson believes that one of the reasons McCown was well-received was because he has a lot of experience with different types of writing.

A few of McCown’s experiences include screen writing for Warner Bros., acting for the National Shakespeare Company, winning the American Fiction Prize twice and being nominated three times for the Pulitzer Prize. He currently teaches a creative writing program at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Hutchinson also described McCown as a good reader of his own work.

“There’s something about an author reading his work in his own voice,” Hutchinson commented. “Clint’s got that southern accent. Hearing him read his own writing is a little added extra.”

McCown brought the characters and imagery to life through his voice and seemed to appeal to the entire audience throughout the reading.

Sophomore Johnna Chance said, “I found him interesting, and I enjoyed listening to him as a reader.”

Sophomore Adam Fast agreed, “I connected with the story the first time I heard it. I didn’t have to re-read anything. I also enjoyed the imagery and symbolism.”

Even though McCown’s reading has come and gone, Hutchinson says that the campus community has a say in which writers should be featured at Writers Readings in the future. To suggest a writer, e-mail Hutchinson at