Central Late Night Food satisfies cravings on campus


It’s midnight on Friday—you’re starving. You get into your car and roam the city of Pella, looking for something, anything to eat. You head down the town square—Smokey Row is closed. You take a left on Washington Street—Applebee’s is closed. You drive towards U.S. Highway 163—Casey’s General Store, Arby’s and Taco John’s are all closed. So, you resort to your last option—but even the McDonald’s … [Read more...]

Central’s crisis management and response team takes action after national school shootings

One Goh had a problem. The South Korean Okios University student’s poor English skills made him an easy target for bullying in the classroom. But, it was his poor grades, behavioral issues and financial troubles that caught the attention of the school administration. Upon his expulsion last January, the angry 43-year-old demanded a full refund of his tuition.  When administration rejected … [Read more...]

Central College hosted seventh annual Service Day


Central College ditched the books for shovels, paintbrushes and garden sheers for its seventh annual Service Day on Tuesday, April 24. The campus-wide event is a part of Central’s campaign to unite students, faculty and staff through its commitment to volunteering. More than 700 people represented the college at 75 community projects in 13 different zip codes. Director of Community Based … [Read more...]

Central’s Geisler Café helping change the world through coffee

(courtesy of the Pella Coffee Company website)

Junior Kelsey Coy begins her day as usual. She rushes from class to class, still making time to stop for a cup of coffee in between.  Coy stands in line at the café, contemplating which brew will have the most caffeine.  After she orders, her eyes brighten up as the barista hands her a steaming mug over the counter—but something is different. “It’s like magic coffee,” said Coy. “It tastes so … [Read more...]

Newton’s Centre for Arts and Artists hosts open house


NEWTON, Iowa— Newton’s Centre for Arts and Artists (CAA) will host its open house, “Spreading Creative Roots Throughout Our Community,” on Friday, April 20, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The event will be held at CAA on 501 West 3rd Street North in Newton and is open to the public free of charge. Families and individuals alike are invited to celebrate art through several interactive … [Read more...]

You Can’t Read That!

Imagine a world where library shelves are empty, where movie theaters roll blank film and where history is unspoken. In this world, newspapers contain no news and governments have no politics. There is no room for individuality, opinion or objectivity. This is a world of censorship. “You Can’t Read That! Banned Books, Censorship and Your Right to Read” is a Central College honors seminar that … [Read more...]

Speaker Silentor Esthil-Henderson speaks for Many Hands of Haiti

There is a story about a young boy who stands at a seashore lined with hundreds and hundreds of starfish. The surf is up and the tide is going out. One by one, the boy throws these starfish back into the ocean. A man approaches him, telling him not to bother because he will not save them all.  The boy replies, “But, I made a difference for one.” In many ways, that starfish was Silentor … [Read more...]

Common Ground forms alliances with students

Central College’s Common Ground is a student-run organization that aims to form alliances regardless of one’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Since the late 1980s, Central students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) and their allies have gathered weekly to socialize, educate and support one another. “This is a place where those who feel unwelcome on campus … [Read more...]

Central students get classy for the annual Charity Ball

On Feb. 25, Central College’s Campus Activities Board will host its fourth-annual Charity Ball at the Downtown Des Moines Holiday Inn from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Tickets are available to Central students, faculty and staff for $10 in the Student Activity Center from Feb. 6 to 17.  Admission includes transportation, drinks, food and entertainment. All proceeds will be donated to Serve Our Youth … [Read more...]

10 Valentine’s Day Dates Sealed With a Kiss


Looking for last minute date ideas? Here are the top 10 date ideas for students with a small budget looking to stay in the area. Dating in the Dark: Make your Valentine a five star meal and enjoy it in complete darkness. Let your senses take over. Cooking skills required! Skate into Love: Take your “ice princess” to Brenton Skating Plaza in Des Moines! Bundle up and enjoy the ice with a … [Read more...]