‘Twas the night before finals helps students relax before exams

A student enjoying some quality pet therapy time before finals begin

Sunday nights in Maytag are usually pretty quiet, but during ‘Twas the Night before Finals student’s had a chance to spend time with Santa Claus, dogs of all sizes, free food and live music. This event is a Central College tradition, hosted by Campus Activities Board (CAB).  The annual event  had many free activities like: chair massages, an oxygen bar, live music, henna tattoos, pet therapy … [Read more...]

Participants reflect on Central’s homeless simulation

Student participants Tim Wilson and Katie Johnson during homeless week. Photo by: Molly Ward.

Seeing homeless students on Central College’s campus is not something Pella is accustomed to. Requiring most students to pay for rooming and a meal plan, students always have somewhere to stay and food to eat. The last week in October students volunteered to participate in Central’s Homeless Week. The week consisted of living at school without going into dorms or using a meal plan. Students … [Read more...]

Muslim in America

When the Central College community came to hear Amer Ahmed speak about being a Muslim in America, they probably did not expect him to come up on stage and begin with spoken word poetry. “The opening was pretty unique; right away I knew it was going to be better than just a guy standing up there talking at us,” said senior Ste Fairest, an exchange student from Manchester, England. When Ahmed … [Read more...]

Central College Abroad hosts international program directors

Student Alumni along with the Resident Directors for each program speak with interested visitors.

Meet the Central College Abroad Directors took place in the Weller Center Thursday, April 12. “We host it to connect with students on campus, and let people know about study abroad opportunities,” explained senior Kelsi Daniels, an intern in the Central College Abroad office. This annual event gives students and faculty the opportunity to try international food and to meet the directors of … [Read more...]

One Day Without Shoes is dressing down to spread the word


Have you ever stepped on a nail, walked across gravel barefoot or burnt your feet on the sidewalk on a hot day? These might seem like minor inconveniences, but for some people they are day to day problems. One Day Without Shoes, a national movement taking place on April 10, is something that Central College students can get involved in. “Just don’t wear shoes,” explained Central’s ministry … [Read more...]

Plants Have Feelings Too: Ethnobotany as a Cultural Study

Ethnobotany Feature

Ethnobotany, which studies how people and plants interact, is a class being offered for the first time this semester, taught by Dr. Paul Weihe. Weihe said he started the class because, “It ties into things I teach in other classes that I would like to do more of but I don’t have time [in those classes].” Weihe says students will learn about culture, particularly about how people view … [Read more...]

Central SWE reflects on visit to New Orleans

Students in New Orleans

Over Christmas break the symphonic wind ensemble had the opportunity to visit New Orleans. The trip was more than just a chance to learn about music. Students did service projects in the Ninth Ward and participated in activities that were as enjoyable as they were educational. Dr. Mitch Lutch has been to New Orleans four times and suggested it for this year’s trip because it was an excellent … [Read more...]