Past Ray editor Osborn writes about what she knows: Fitness

Holly says namaste to the Rocky Mountains. Photo supplied by: Holly Osborn.

The soaring Rocky Mountains dotted with aspen trees and ponderosa pines form the background of a yoga fitness retreat. This may sound like a once in a lifetime retreat, but this is just another day on the job at 303 Magazine for Holly Osborn, a 2013 Central graduate. Holly, who was editor-in-chief of The Ray during the 2012-2013 school year, is currently the Health & Sports writer for 303 … [Read more...]

Maytag to get a facelift

An artist's rendering of what the newly remodeled Maytag ground floor will look like. Photo supplied by: Michael Lubberden.

In less than one year from now, you might not be able to recognize the Maytag Student Center. “Maytag is a 25 year-old building,” said Central President Mark Putnam. “It has been designed for a generation that has passed.” The Fred Maytag Family Foundation has given Central College a $2.75 million grant to transform Maytag, the very same building it helped to fund almost 25 years ago. This … [Read more...]

A bookstore without books


This time next year, the Maytag Student Center will have a completely different look due to a $2.75 million donation from the Fred Maytag Family Foundation. The foundation originally funded the cost of the building 25 years ago when it was first built. This donation is the largest single donation that has ever been given to the college since its establishment in 1853. The renovations for the … [Read more...]

Cups for a cause


The Café in Geisler Library is a popular place for Central students to grab a cup of coffee to help them get through the day. However, students may not know what happens to these coffee cups after they have gotten their caffeine fix. The Café uses approximately 400 cups per day, which adds up to about 64,000 cups per year. At 23 cents a piece, this costs the college $14,720 annually, creates … [Read more...]

Dutch Football holds on to beat Luther 22-12

Central squares off against Luther, coming out on top.

The Central College football team jumped out to an early lead last Saturday, Nov. 26, to earn their second conference win of the season. Early fumbles and blocked kicks gave Central a quick lead that they did not give up for the rest of the game. The final score of the game was 22-12, with Central coming out on top. The Dutch are currently 4-3 overall and 2-2 in conference play. The game … [Read more...]

From Pella to Hollywood and back

Theater Professor Ann Wilkinson helps her students. Photo by: Hannah Gettes.

The humming of the sewing machine was the prominent sound in the room as costume shop manager Dottie McGee contemplated how to answer a question about theater professor Ann Wilkinson. She looked up from her work and said, “I can’t imagine Central, or this building, without Ann.” Ann Wilkinson is one of four theater professors in Central College’s theater department. Although she has been here … [Read more...]

Theatre Central to present Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

A scene from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Photo by: Hannah Gettes.

This is a classic story between good and evil, love and horror, and is “thought provoking and very intense,” as sophomore stage manager Jacob Anderson would describe it. Theatre Central is preparing to open their first show of the season, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Anderson said that it is bound to be a thriller. The Pella Opera House is hosting the show, which opens on Wednesday, Oct. 2 and … [Read more...]

Dress up days incorporated into Central’s Homecoming lineup

Sophomore Michelle Hamilton shows off her school spirit on Denim Day! Photo by: Elizabeth Carman.

The Central Activities Board came up with a new tradition this year by incorporating dress up days into the homecoming event lineup. The days include: Monday- Pop Star, Tuesday- Twin Day, Wednesday- Denim Day, Thursday- Throwback Thursday, and Friday- Spirit Day. Sophomore Shelbi Stimpson dressed up for Twin Day. “I am planning on dressing up for most of the days,” Stimpson said. “For Twin … [Read more...]

What freshmen should expect for the 2013 Lemming Race

This year’s Lemming Race participants will be joined by an incoming class of 325 new students, but those new students may not know what they are in for. The Lemming Race, held every year on the Friday night before homecoming, begins in front of Geisler Library. Students of all ages will gather there at 6 p.m. on Sept. 27 to uphold the tradition of dressing in costumes and running through campus … [Read more...]

Murky waters: A look into Central’s signature pond

With a new pond filtration system, Central's renowned pond is hoped to be cleaner than ever. Photo by: Renee Van Roekel.

Things you might find in the campus pond: A lost shoe, a student on their birthday, a fish, rocks, or maybe, excited students charging into the pond during the Lemming Race. However, one thing you will not find in the water is a filter. Because there is no filter to pump water and keep it flowing in Central’s signature pond, the water has become stagnant and smelly. The heat of the late summer … [Read more...]